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March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 Ending 1 Lyrics

Brian the Sun - Kafune Lyrics
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Doushite warau no sa
Yubisaki de nazoru yoru wa fukete
Ooki sugiru kono sekai no sumi de
Kokoro wa tokete yuku

Karenai hana ga ame o hajiku you ni
Taisetsu na mono ga koborete shimatta

Itsunomanika hitori kiri
Tooku made aruiteta
Wasureteta hontou no boku no koe
Fushigi na kimochi de

Nagai yoru no aketa ato
Omoidasu yume no you ni
Natsukashii eien ni mi o yudane
Mata arukedasesou da
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I wonder why I'm smiling.
The night wears on as I trace it with a finger.
In the nooks of this world far too large,
My heart continues to melts away.

Like the petals of a flower repelling the rain, yet refusing to wither.
All the things important to me have spilled out.

Before I knew it, I was all alone and I'd walked a great distance.
I'd forgotten what my own voice really sounded like
And it was the strangest feeling

After dawn broke on that long night
I remembered as if it were all a dream
I gave myself up to that nostalgic eternity
And it seems like I can go on walking again.
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いつの間にか 一人きり
忘れてた 本当の僕の声

思い出す 夢のように
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6 months ago

I submitted all the lyrics, but where can I report the video? That's not the Season 2 ED, it was used in Season 1.

6 months ago

Thank you for your submissions! Wasn't able to find the correct video currently. You can use the 'Correct these Lyrics' link for any additional information you want to submit about the song as well. Thanks again for all your support!


Japanese Title: カフネ
Description: Season 2 Ending 1
Performed by: Brian the Sun
Released: 2017

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